Happy Spring! A fun freebie to celebrate

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Hey there, my fellow crafty friends and creators from around the world! I hope this little update finds you well and safe.

I don’t know about you, friends, but I’m so ready to say goodbye to this cold winter weather and hello to the warmer days and blooming flowers of SPRING! Ah Spring…

Spring always feels like a fresh start to me, and I’m feeling extra grateful this spring. Grateful for the new season, for the exciting warmth and changes it brings, and most importantly, for all of you who share my love for junk journaling and paper crafting.

I don’t know if you’re like me, but when spring rolls around, I get this desire to explore something new in my journals. It’s like the season itself is inspiring me to step out of my comfort zone and get creative in a different way. Maybe it’s experimenting with a new color scheme or finally trying out that technique I’ve been eyeing for months. Whatever it is, I think spring is the perfect time to just go for it and see what happens! What about you?

One of the things I love most about junk journaling is how every page and tag has its own unique look. And with all the new life and colors that spring brings, I feel like we have endless inspiration right outside our doors.

So, my challenge to you (and to myself) is to use this season as an opportunity to break out of our usual routines and try something different. Since I do so much grungy work in neutral colors, I am challenging myself to bring more colorful images and palettes into my creative space. Who knows, we all might just discover a new favorite way of crafting!

Here are some altered envelopes I recently made with a spring vibe.

Image of two pockets made from junk mail envelopes
Junk Journal Pockets made from Junk Mail Envelopes

Now, I wouldn’t be a good crafty friend if I didn’t come bearing gifts at the dawn of the new season, right? So, as a little thank you for being such an amazing part of this community, I’ve created a special set of three spring-themed junk journal tags that you can grab now for free!

These tags are my way of spreading some joy and celebrating the start of a new season with all of you. You can use them in your journals, attach to Easter baskets, or just hang them on a wall to bring a pop of color to your space.

To get these tags, just click the image below and a new window will open with your tags.

image of Spring junk journal Tag Set

So my creative friends, as we dive into spring, let’s remember to embrace the changes and opportunities that come our way. Let’s be brave in our crafting adventures, try new things without fear or judgement, and always be there to support and encourage each other.

These tags are a reminder of the excitement that comes with starting fresh, the happiness we feel when we’re creating, and the amazing bond we share as crafters. I can’t thank you enough for being such an incredible source of support and inspiration to me.

Here’s to a spring filled with endless creativity, fun new adventures, and lots of crafty goodness! I can’t wait to see all the amazing things you create with these tags! Feel free to share your projects with me over in the Facebook Group or on Instagram and you can tag me (@hithernyonstudio) – I’m always looking for new ideas and inspiration. Let’s make this spring our most creative one yet!

Sending all my love and crafty hugs,



8 replies on “Happy Spring! A fun freebie to celebrate”

Absolutely awesome designs. Very creative and practical for so many uses. We’ll think of you in my junk journals. Thanks for sharing.

I just recently found you. I saw a video you posted on TikTok and fell in love with your creations. I have sent subscribed to your YouTube, your Facebook group, signed up for your emails. I am all in.

Hi, your work is wonderful! I am new to junk journalling this year, and these tags are beautiful…have I come to the page too late? I can’t click on the images sadly. If I save them as an image, will they print as clearly as a downloaded image? Thanks 🙂

Hi Sarah. Yes they will print clearly from the image it is 300dpi Right click and save to your computer, then open and print.

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